Dokklib Updates: Dokklib-DB release

Week 9 of 2020

Agost Biro

Last week saw the release of the Dokklib-DB, a Python library for the DynamoDB single table pattern. It’s built on top of Boto3 and should feel familiar if you’ve worked with Boto3 before.

Dokklib-DB addresses a few pain points I had while doing single table DynamoDB with Boto3:

  1. Pythonic query interface on top of Boto3. No more nested dict literals!

  2. Simple error handling.

  3. Type safety for primary keys and indices (for documentation and data integrity).

  4. Full type hint coverage.

You can find out more in the Dokklib-DB docs or read my blog post on Getting Started With Dokklib-DB for DynamoDB Single Table.